How to raise a millionaire if you are just a regular mom?
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The only book for parents about financial education of children with a unique approach, fully based on the personal experience of the regular mother, who tested expert advice on herself and daughter, and came up with more effective methods.
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When I was 6 years old I really wanted my cell phone but my mom told me to make my own money. At first I got upest because I didn’t know how to earn money but my mom made it up. She always comes up with something interesting. Afterwards, my mom started giving me pocket money and taught me how to buy whatever you want and always have enough money. She is intelligent and I love her.
After moving from Moscow to a tiny town in Croatia, I found myself financially dependent on my husband and, moreover, his income was constantly lacking for life. I tried to make a living but Kira was born soon after, and she became my work, along with a huge amount of household chores. There was no one to help, and I couldn't afford professional help. I got so exhausted that I lost the will to live. At that point, I realised I didn’t want my daughter to be... the same situation. So, I took care of her financial education when she was two.

In nine years, I learned a lot of different information, because finances are connected to all spheres of life. Usually, books and courses are clear and logical, but in practice, something always goes wrong, and you have to come up with something else on your own. In the end, I accumulated...
...a lot of practical experience on how to make things simpler, better, and get results. Now I know for sure what is really important to teach a child for a successful and happy life.

I come from a poor family and I know what it is like to have no money even for a loaf of bread. I don't have a university degree as my health has always been weak and couldn't handle university preparations; I had to spend a month in the hospital.
My experience and Kira's successes sparked great interest, inspiring me to write a book. In the book I talk about what has proved to be the most effective for a financially independent and joyful life, and for the financial education of the child. I openly and sincerely share my experience to inspire you to change for the better your life and the future of your children. With my creative approach, it's easy and enjoyable!
I didn’t have the support I needed from the environment, I saw nothing but misunderstanding and judgment. After my child was born, my world narrowed down to family and home in a small apartment for five years. Then, I managed to win a place for Kira in a daycare, that allowed me more time for myself. I juggled studying with breastfeeding, dishwashing, and other household chores, trying to seize every opportunity. It was my only chance to fight my way to a decent life and set a good example for my child.
Studying helped me learn more about myself, efficiently harness my strengths, and invest limited resources. I achieved physical and psychological wellbeing and later financial independence from my husband. I got divorced, then lost everything due to the pandemic, but still managed to live happily even with an average income. I have a flexible work schedule and enough time and resources for everything that matters to me and to simply enjoy each day.
Maximum benefit in minimum time!
Honest personal experience of creating a financially independent and joyful life on an average income.

A systematic approach to teaching financial literacy to children.

Simple and effective author's methods.

Amazing stories from our lives.

Interesting dialogues with the child.

Kira's stories about money, business, and life situations.

Funny comics based on real events from our lives.

Author's infographics, tests, challenges, and much more.

A workbook for practical exercises.

No extra information! Only 20% theory and 80% applied information.
About the book
The days when it was enough to get only one education, find a stable job and quietly wait for retirement are over. Nowadays, it's important to be able to easily adapt to constantly changing circumstances and teach this skill to children.

Discover a unique systematic approach to financial education for children from an ordinary mother. Get ready to receive effective proven advice that works easily in practice under any life circumstances and wealth level.

Through real-life examples, you'll learn why the traditional approach to parenting and educating children often doesn't work and how the creative methods of an ordinary mother helped her achieve excellent results easily and quickly.
You'll receive a unique systematic approach that contains everything necessary for your child's financial education.

  1. Financial parenting. When and where to start? What skills and values do you need to instill in your child for their successful future?
  2. Financial education. How to talk to children about money? Why do children need to learn about business? When to start giving pocket money and how to avoid mistakes?
  3. The concept of a joyful life. How to achieve not only financial success but also a joyful life in order to be both rich and happy.

This book is a roadmap to your financially independent and joyful life that you will pass on to your child, so they can speed down the highway of success without any bumps and enjoy every moment of life.

A trained, independent child is a free, happy mother.
A happy mother is a happy child.
This book is for parents who want to:
Raise an independent and responsible child
Easily teach their child the basics of financial literacy without spending a lot of time
Teach their child to earn easily, spend wisely, and save comfortably
Make sure their child easily achieves their financial goals
Rely upon a child for financial support in retirement
Live financially freer and happier and be a worthy example for their child
I believe that the qualities of an author's personality are much more important and tell us much more than a dry list of social achievements and professional skills.
I am a Scanner .... and belong to the approximately 20% of highly sensitive individuals.....
I have many interests, hobbies, and talents, and generating ideas is as easy for me as breathing.
My approach to life and my methods of financial child training are unique in that they are a synthesis of a broad range of knowledge, such as psychology, physiology, peculiarities of the work of the right and left hemisphere of the brain, and practical experience.
My superpower lies in my attention to detail, my observant eye for considering multiple factors, and my analytical mind for finding the best solutions.By utilizing knowledge from different fields, creative thinking, and a creative approach to life, I find unconventional ways to solve life's problems and challenges.
The concept of a "Scanner" was first introduced by Barbara Sher, a writer, motivational speaker, and bestselling author. A Scanner is a person with a broad range of interests, hobbies, and talents, which is due to high intellectual curiosity, adaptability, creativity, quick learning, and the ability to successfully handle multiple tasks at once.
I am a fan of the Pareto ..... principle. By applying it, I was able to achieve 80% of current results with just 20% of resources. To easily determine the 20% that is most important for effective investment of personal resources, I devised my own method - "Priority," which I detailed in my book.
The concept of "highly sensitive people/ HSP" was first described by Elaine Aron, a psychologist and bestselling author. HSPs are people with a heightened sensitivity of the central nervous system and the ability to process physical, social, and emotional stimuli more deeply. HSPs are characterized by a strong intuition, the ability to focus on the target, make deliberate choices, conduct a comprehensive analysis, and ultimately come up with brilliant ideas. The main advantage of HSP is the ability to filter through a ton of information and discover incredible connections within it.
The Pareto principle (or the 80/20 rule) states that in most cases, approximately 80% of the results are achieved with just 20% of the efforts, while the remaining 80% of the efforts yield only 20% of results. The 80/20 rule is used to achieve the greatest efficiency by optimizing efforts and resources.
Do you feel like all authors are just repeating the same old advice in finance books? Get ready to discover a unique systematic approach to teaching your child about money. Proven methods used by a regular mom who has succeeded will help you easily attain financial goals regardless of your life circumstances and income level.
How can you stop spending on unnecessary items and ensure you always have enough money? The author's "Priority" method easily identifies the 20% of expenses that bring 80% of joy and benefit. You'll stop buying what you don't need and finally teach your child to spend thoughtfully.
How can you buy a new phone when you don't have the money? With a creative approach to finding supplementary income, which everyone has, you and your child can buy what you've been dreaming of.
What do you do if you're broke, jobless, and lack motivation? The step-by-step plan called "Anti-Crisis" will help you get out of your crisis and start living happily even before you find a job.
How can you help your child choose a trade? You'll discover the three aspects that specialization must meet, and how to make the right choice so that you don't waste time and money.
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